Meeting the alien

Alien encounter.

Alien encounter.

Steve Jones was just your usual UFO nut, hoping for the day when he would get his own alien encounter. On the 9th of August, Steve Jones went to Hampstead Heath, London, late at night and set up shop in a quiet corner of the heath to spend a night sky watching when he saw a flash. According to Steve, he must have been hypnotised or drugged because the next thing he knew was that he was in the bushes being anally probed by a being he described as being a classic “Nordic” alien. Lying face down on the floor he estimates that he was probed for at least ten minutes before the sky was once again lit up by lights, this time a flashing blue.
Steve Jones tells us …

“The alien told me his name was Kron from the planet Kullop but the police say his name was Dave from Luton! The police have arrested me for being in contact with an alien, they are doing me for cruising in a gay area but all I did was have a close encounter of the third kind.”

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